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If you are looking for the top Seattle-based DUI Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to DUIs, look no further. 100% of our practice is dedicated to defending individuals accused of DUI in and around Seattle and Washington State. When we walk into a courtroom, the prosecutor, court clerks, and even the bailiffs know were there on a DUI case because DUI is our sole area of practice.

Our Reputation As One Of The Nation’s Top DUI Attorneys is Unparalleled

Attorney Julia Simmons, principal attorney at the Aspen Law Group, is a highly respected and renowned DUI defense attorney at the National level. She is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Test training according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, voted in 2014 as one of the Nation’s Top 100 Trial Attorney, has had advanced training in Trial Advocacy and DUI defense. Attorney Simmons gives lectures at the National Level on how to defend your driver’s license from suspension. Ms. Simmons is one of the few select attorneys to be a part of the National Council of DUI Defense and is licensed to practice law in the State of Washington, California, and in the coveted Federal District Courts. With over 14 years in the DUI defense business, Ms. Simmons is single handedly responsible for the dismissal of hundreds of DUIs, including felony DUIs with blood alcohol levels that exceed .30%.

Note: The Washington State DUI Process

When cited for a DUI offense in Washington State, you have two distinct parts to your DUI case. You have the Washington State DUI administrative proceeding called the Administrative License Reovcation and you have the Washington State DUI criminal court proceeding.

Part I - 20 Days To Save Your Drivers License From Suspension

You have merely 20 days from the date of your We DUI arrest to have an attorney request a drivers license hearing on your behalf. If you fail to have your lawyer submit your request for your hearing, you will give up your right to this hearing and your license will automatically suspend. For a first offense DUI in Washington State, the suspension period can be anywhere between 90 days to 1 year, depending on the facts surrounding your arrest. With drivers license consequences this severe, you should quickly hire an attorney to ensure your right to drive.

Part II - Washington State DUI Criminal Process

The second part of every DUI case is the criminal portion. Once the prosecutor files changes in your case, your case will be set for arraignment. This is where your attorney will enter a “Not Guilty” plea to your charges as well as receive the initial police report. From that point forward, several additional hearings will be set for your DUI case. Ultimately, motions may be file and/or your case may be set for trial. Having an attorney, skilled in DUI defense is the only way you’ll be able to properly navatate this process. Call us today to see the difference.